Meet the educators

We’ve assembled the avengers for this year’s Barber Classicks. 15+ expert barbers & hairdressers from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Canada, Serbia, Slovenia, Uruguay, the UK & the US will join us to share their tips & tricks. Get to know them all below.

Josh Lamonaca
Hailing from the UK, he’s a true pioneer & trailblazer in the barbering community. Described as an alien, a true expert, or even “the Shumacher of barbers” – everybody knows Josh… and if you don’t, now’s the time to meet him.
Emanuel Medina
Praised for his creative styling & innovative haircuts. Emanuel will fly all the way from Uruguay to show you the secrets to his fading techniques that still puzzle many barbers even though he’s been on the scene for so many years.
Hugo Leblanc
The Canadian virtuoso whose middle name is Symmetry. One of the few barbers who focus on styling and cutting longer hair. As soon as you’ll see the end results, you’ll know he’s the real deal.
Josh OP
Josh was one of the first barbers sharing his knowledge through the internet. More than 1.000.000 people attended his online educations to kickstart their barber careers. He has a unique styling technique that no one has been able to reverse engineer yet.
Edis Osmanović
He goes by many names and talents. He was the first to bring modern barbering to Slovenia, but has since shifted his focus from cutting hair and beards to passing his knowledge onto the next generation.
Karlo Zagorac
Always stylish, Karlo Zagorac is Belgrade’s Dapper Dan. Karlo opened up the very first barbershop in Belgrade. He is a mixture of punk and classy, and holds all the answers to questions barbers ask themselves on a daily basis. Don’t be shy to ask him when he’s on stage.
Stevo Pavlović
Probably the most famous hairdresser in Slovenia. Extremely precise, and never satisfied with mediocricy. He knows how to spice up his lectures and make them interesting, so make sure you’ll be there!
Mirza Delić
Living proof that persistence pays off. With only five years on the scene, he’s only getting started, but he’s already come a long way. Not only does he deliver quality haircuts day in, day out, he also has the ability to motivate others for success.
Alen Demirović
Alen was the first barber in Sarajevo, and is well respected educator in his country. Most importantly, he’s a true example of a proper professional, and the one to look up to on how to run a successful business.
Boštjan Jagrinec
The founder of a well-known hair salon Milimeter (ex Buhair) in Maribor that’s been in the business for over 10 years. He keeps in touch with the latest trends and techniques, and through countless workshops that he organizes, he passes the knowledge on to other people. He is a master of a very rare skill: geometrical haircutting.
Ivan Vukčević
Haircutting is in his genes. He continues the legacy of his father who was a well known and respected barber in Montenegro. He specializes in womens haircuts, and there’s not a single one he wouldn’t be able to do. Dare to challenge him?
Marko Šimunović
The pioneer of barbering in Zagreb. Marko is the perfect mixture of old school and modern Sassoon techniques. Combined with his incredible preciseness, it’s a recipe for truly wonderful results.
Metod Tašić
He mastered the Sassoon technique for symmetrical haircuts, and approaches them very strategically – section by section. We’ve seen him do some crazy haircuts over the years, and we can’t wait to see what’s up his sleeve this time.
Siniša Šunjić – Kabrada
If you think it’s too late to start your barbering career, Siniša will be happy to prove you otherwise. Even his younger counterparts can hardly keep up with him as he learns and dominates new techniques every year. He has his own barbershop in Split.
Smiljan Škarica
Smiljan is the president of the hairdressers’ chamber in Slovenia. He’s know to mix up different styles, like the Sassoon and Tony & Guy techniques.
Tomaž Turk
Tomaž is part of the Art team at Mič styling – a title only the best hairdressers can achieve. He is a true visionary, always innovating when it comes to hairdressing and styling, and is a master educator with years of experience.